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101 books you need to read and understand before 'they' burn them

The most up-to-date in-progress compilation of books recommended by Michael Collins Piper in Ye Shall Know the Truth is available in this archive (view the list here).


101 livres que vous devez lire et comprendre avant 'qu'ils' ne les brûlent.

La compilation la plus récente des livres recommandés par Michael Collins Piper dans Ye Shall Know the Truth est disponible dans cette archive, quelques livres sont en français. (Consultez la liste ici.)


Let's read Michael Collins Piper's own words on why this book is a must read for nationalists and other critics of the 'New World Order' (p.17-18):

"As anyone who knows my work—even in passing—whether from having read my books or my articles (and book reviews, for that matter) that I have written in The Spotlight and American Free Press and The Barnes Review, I have always been diligent in giving credit where credit is due to other authors and quite generous in endorsing their efforts.

And here now l present an entire book essentially endorsing the works of literally hundreds of other authors whose writings have been valuable to me and which l believe will be valuable to others. And I have taken to task some of those books and authors that I think have been over-rated or unwisely relied upon.

There are a lot of Internet tale-spinners—far too many of them—who coarse up with a lot of fascinating accounts of “behind the-scenes" activities and, yes, accounts of deep, dark conspiracies about which they've been advised by their own “sources," but I am here to tell you that many of these characters are frauds, liars, and phonies. And most of them have probably never even read some of the valuable published works that are available as freely to you as they are as freely available to those Internet icons who come up with a new and exciting (and seemingly plausible) conspiracy contrivance every other day of the week.

It would be easy to say that there are 100—or 101—“must" books that you need to read. But it's really all up to you. My effort here is to describe to you some of the foremost published works that have proven valuable to me and explain, likewise, why they can be valuable to you.

There are far more than 101 books examined here. I chose the figure 101 because—well, it's eye-catching. Considering all of the truly great books that are out there, it's really hard to decide which books to include. So the reader will forgive me for a bit of literary license.

In these pages I am going to be talking about a lot of different books on a lot of different topics coming from a lot of different writers coming from a lot of different viewpoints. And I am here to assure you that if you do, in fact, read any or all of the books that are outlined here that you will not necessarily agree with everything or anything expressed opinion-wise in those volumes because, as I've said, those writers come from a lot of different viewpoints.

You will find traditional “liberals" and traditional "conservatives; hard-core Republicans and hard-core Democrats, some Communists and some Nazis (to one degree or another, I suppose)—all sorts of ideas. Just because an author is a professed "socialist" or even a "communist" does not mean that the material that an author has presented in his book is not factually correct.

But whether you agree with the themes presented in these books, these books nonetheless contain what I believe to be some pretty solid facts that are generally backed-up by material I have seen in other sources (whether other books or magazines), but facts nonetheless that you can use in your own research and writing."


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