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Carlos Whitlock Porter
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Rudolf Höss confessed everything he was told to say after being captured and tortured by British soldiers.

By Carlos Whitlock Porter

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Carlos Whitlock Porter, and I am a so-called Holocaust Revisionist, usually referred to by the generic term bigot, fascist, hater, Nazi, liar and falsifier of history.

In order to protect myself from the last of these accusations, if not from the previous ones, I have prepared a book which consists almost entirely of prosecution documents from the first Nuremberg Trial. This is to say that the book contains almost nothing that I have written; simply the prosecution documents, or various extracts there from, strung together with a caption at the top of the page, and about five pages of text. There is an introduction, there are a few comments here and there, and many cartoons and photographs. This is the evidence which is supposed to have proven that the Germans killed millions of Jews, and millions of Russians, and millions of all sorts of other people, indeed, a veritable Noah’s Ark of Holocaust victims.

I will read a few extracts from this book. I will begin with the incredible "pedal-driven brain-bashing machine, or how I helped kill 840,000 Russians with ‘feet power’, and burned the bodies in 4 portable ovens". This is part of a confession, of SS man Paul Waldmann, quoted in a Soviet War Crimes Report, USSR-52. Other parts of the same document may be found quoted in various works of Holocaust literature.

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Carlos Porter and Ernst Zündel - Nuremberg trials

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