The truth suffice to itself.

To honor our dead and to let them finally rest in peace, it would be so easy to state the facts. But when it comes to suffering, and for political calculation reasons, jews tend to tell their stories in a fantastic, amazing, incomparable, sensational, and transcendental way.

Today we decided to show you a small selection of jews and Germans testimonies.

You will understand what arrogance and what contempt for human life one must have to dare to put forward a version of history as adulterated with false witnesses, an invented extermination and a nonexistent crime weapon, while the jews who survived the "holocaust" ™ are endless and could easily testify against this official version manufactured from A to Z. In this sense, you will see for yourself that some jews have already reported to have experienced and seen something else unrelated to an alleged "Holocaust".

Observe the decency and humility with which the Germans who survived the horror -a horror desired and programmed by jews- tell their war experiences while retaining a lot of it with paid lip service ... up to you to hear and read between the lines of their hidden suffering.


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