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vendredi 5 octobre 2018 12:00

Piper Michael Collins - Ye Shall Know the Truth

Piper Michael Collins - Ye shall know the truth.jpg

101 books you need to read and understand before 'they' burn them

The most up-to-date in-progress compilation of books recommended by Michael Collins Piper in Ye Shall Know the Truth is available in this archive (view the list here).


101 livres que vous devez lire et comprendre avant 'qu'ils' ne les brûlent.

La compilation la plus récente des livres recommandés par Michael Collins Piper dans Ye Shall Know the Truth est disponible dans cette archive, quelques livres sont en français. (Consultez la liste ici.)


Let's read Michael Collins Piper's own words on why this book is a must read for nationalists and other critics of the 'New World Order' (p.17-18):

"As anyone who knows my work—even in passing—whether from having read my books or my articles (and book reviews, for that matter) that I have written in The Spotlight and American Free Press and The Barnes Review, I have always been diligent in giving credit where credit is due to other authors and quite generous in endorsing their efforts.

And here now l present an entire book essentially endorsing the works of literally hundreds of other authors whose writings have been valuable to me and which l believe will be valuable to others. And I have taken to task some of those books and authors that I think have been over-rated or unwisely relied upon.

There are a lot of Internet tale-spinners—far too many of them—who coarse up with a lot of fascinating accounts of “behind the-scenes" activities and, yes, accounts of deep, dark conspiracies about which they've been advised by their own “sources," but I am here to tell you that many of these characters are frauds, liars, and phonies. And most of them have probably never even read some of the valuable published works that are available as freely to you as they are as freely available to those Internet icons who come up with a new and exciting (and seemingly plausible) conspiracy contrivance every other day of the week.

It would be easy to say that there are 100—or 101—“must" books that you need to read. But it's really all up to you. My effort here is to describe to you some of the foremost published works that have proven valuable to me and explain, likewise, why they can be valuable to you.

There are far more than 101 books examined here. I chose the figure 101 because—well, it's eye-catching. Considering all of the truly great books that are out there, it's really hard to decide which books to include. So the reader will forgive me for a bit of literary license.

In these pages I am going to be talking about a lot of different books on a lot of different topics coming from a lot of different writers coming from a lot of different viewpoints. And I am here to assure you that if you do, in fact, read any or all of the books that are outlined here that you will not necessarily agree with everything or anything expressed opinion-wise in those volumes because, as I've said, those writers come from a lot of different viewpoints.

You will find traditional “liberals" and traditional "conservatives; hard-core Republicans and hard-core Democrats, some Communists and some Nazis (to one degree or another, I suppose)—all sorts of ideas. Just because an author is a professed "socialist" or even a "communist" does not mean that the material that an author has presented in his book is not factually correct.

But whether you agree with the themes presented in these books, these books nonetheless contain what I believe to be some pretty solid facts that are generally backed-up by material I have seen in other sources (whether other books or magazines), but facts nonetheless that you can use in your own research and writing."


Discover a lot of information about Michael Collins Piper and his investigations on this site.

vendredi 10 novembre 2017 12:00

Adolf Hitler et Horst Mahler : deux héros


Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

La retranscription est disponible: / Transcript is available:

Vincent Reynouard - Adolf Hitler and Horst Mahler, two heroes

Adolf Hitler et Horst Mahler, deux héros
Dans ce court éditorial, Vincent Reynouard félicite Horst Mahler qui a fui avant que la "Justice" allemande ne vienne l'arrêter pour le jeter en prison. Quand les lois sont injustes et la "justice" une comédie, alors il faut désobéir et dire "zut" à l’institution chargée de les appliquer… Reynouard souligne ensuite l'évolution politique de l'avocat allemand du communisme au national-socialisme. Hitler étant né un 20 avril, l'auteur cite deux articles qui parurent le 20 avril 1941 pour souhaiter cet anniversaire (l'un du ministre allemand Walther Funk, l'autre du collaborationniste français Marcel Déat). Enfin, Reynouard exhume un article totalement oublié de Pierre-Antoine Cousteau, paru le 19 janvier 1945 et qui dénonçait (avec humour mais sans concession) l'hypocrisie cynique des Alliés.

Adolf Hitler and Horst Mahler, two heroes
In this short editorial, Vincent Reynouard congratulates Horst Mahler who fled before German "Justice" came to arrest him and threw him in prison. When the laws are unjust and "justice" a comedy, then we must disobey and say "damn" to the institution responsible for applying them ... Reynouard then highlights the political evolution of the German advocate of communism to National Socialism. Hitler was born on April 20, and the author quotes two articles which appeared on April 20, 1941 to mark the anniversary (one by German minister Walther Funk and one by French collaborationist Marcel Déat). Finally, Reynouard exhumed a totally forgotten article by Pierre-Antoine Cousteau, published January 19, 1945, which denounced (with humor but without concession) the cynical hypocrisy of the the Allies.

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jeudi 2 novembre 2017 12:00

"Chambres à gaz" : aucune preuve après 33 ans de recherches


Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

La retranscription est disponible: / Transcript is available:

Vincent Reynouard - Gas chambers no evidence after 33 years of research

Chambres à gaz, aucune preuve après 33 ans de recherche
Le 21 avril 2015, nous avons fêté le 33ème anniversaire de la création de l’ASSAG.
Cette association a été fondée en 1982 pour répondre au professeur Faurisson qui réclamait "une preuve, une seule preuve" de l’existence des prétendues "chambres à gaz" homicides allemandes. D’après ses statuts, l’ASSAG devait être dissoute une fois son objet réalisé, donc une fois la preuve apportée. Or, le 21 avril 2015, elle existe toujours…
On en déduit qu’en 33 ans de recherches, les historiens n’ont trouvé aucune preuve des gazages homicides sous Hitler.

Gas chambers, no evidence after 33 years of research
April 21, 2015, we celebrated the 33th anniversary of the creation of the ASSAG, an association founded in 1982 to respond to Professor Faurisson who demanded "proof, a single proof" of the existence of the alleged German homicidal "gas chambers". According to its statutes, the ASSAG was to be dissolved once its main objective, so once the evidence adduced. However, on April 21, 2015, it appears that it still exists ...
We deduce that in 33 years of research, historians have found NO evidence of homicidal gassings under Hitler.

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jeudi 5 octobre 2017 12:00

Dernière apparition publique du professeur Robert Faurisson le 20 octobre 2018 en Angleterre

Sources :
Milo Madacky


Blow, blow thou winter wind.
Thou art not so unkind
As man’s ingratitude
(Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act II, Sc. 7)

It was to be the final high-point of the year: the world-renowned expert, heroic and exact exponent of Historical Revisionism had decided in his ninetieth year to return to his place of birth in order to give his final speech: to sum up before a gathering of friends and supporters his lifetime’s endeavours in the intellectual adventure of the Twentieth Century (now running overdue). Professor Robert Faurisson, born to a Scottish mother and a French father in the outer London suburb of Shepperton, Middlesex in the year 1929, returned there on 20 October to address guests at a pleasant local hostelry; he spoke, as ever, clearly and with focus for an hour and twenty minutes, without notes and holding his audience spell-bound; fluent in both his mother’s language and his father’s, he moved effortlessly from one to the other to make certain points clearer. Our privilege to be there at this historic occasion; every man and woman carefully vetted: friends amongst friends.

And then came the sabotage: a left-wing hate-group had been informed of our meeting and found the venue: midway through, the group contacted the hotel’s management and threatened that a violent mob would come and wreck the meeting (plus harm staff and guests) unless the management pre-empted and closed the meeting down themselves. The management promptly obeyed the “order”, summoning the chairman to the desk and telling him to put an end to the conference at once. When he refused they resorted to “tough” tactics: repeatedly they set off the fire alarms, turned the lights off, brought a loud-speaker “ghetto-blaster” into the conference room and did their very worst by means of this cacophony to wreck the proceedings. Fortunately the Professor had completed what he had to say to us. He died of a heart attack immediately on returning to his French home a day later.

The question is: who sabotaged the meeting and why?

Was the meeting sabotaged from within “the movement”, defining “the movement” very broadly? And again what could the motive be for such a destructive act and deliberate betrayal of a hero, a man approaching the end of his life having returned to the place of his birth to be amongst friends and admirers to give his final talk to the world – the meeting was filmed.

There are names that are going to be recorded here; there have to be.

It is a fact that the singing satirist, Alison Chabloz, was not invited to the Shepperton meeting. Why not? Because Ms. Chabloz had taken it upon herself to condemn repeatedly the organiser of the Shepperton meeting, Peter Rushton, as “an enemy agent and liar.” This shameful abuse of a good man had no justification or foundation in fact; which fact has been repeatedly explained in detail to Ms. Chabloz. Hence she was excluded from the guest list for Professor Faurisson’s final meeting as an unwelcome entity.

Peter Rushton had served as Ms. Chabloz’s Defence witness at her trial at the Westminster Magistrates’ court, but had refused to go along with her campaign of abuse against Lady Michèle Renouf, a dedicated supporter of the right to free historical and scientific research, whom Ms. Chabloz has repeatedly maligned and defamed for the past year. The moment he dissociated himself from Ms. Chabloz’s endeavours to spread lies about Lady Renouf, Mr Rushton himself became the target of the Chabloz lie machine. On her blog (10th May 2018) Ms. Chabloz had retorted (or threatened?) “it’s as if my detractors want me to sell my story to the enemy”.

Just a week before the Shepperton gathering, Ms. Chabloz sent a series of emails to Prof. Faurisson attempting to pressure him into intervening to allow her presence there. Ms. Chabloz’s tone was so insistent and outrageous that following her email of 16th October the Professor refused to reply any further to her messages. On arriving in Shepperton three days later he complained about being exhausted by Ms. Chabloz’s relentless behaviour.

A second name must also be mentioned here: Sophie Johnson. Sophie Johnson is the name of the middle-aged Hungarian woman who at first regularly attended the hearings of Ms. Chabloz’s case at the Westminster Magistrates’ court. Sophie Johnson claims to be a close friend of Ms. Chabloz: “I am squarely on the side of the unrivalled queen of English revisionism, the brilliant, richly talented, charming Alison Chabloz”. Some weeks before the Shepperton meeting, “Sophie Johnson” (described by Ms. Chabloz as a valued friend) left comments on the Danish web-site, NS Viking, seriously demeaning Professor Robert Faurisson as senile – “an old fool” who had “authorised a vicious attack on Alison Chabloz”. This is another vile lie: the Professor never attacked Ms. Chabloz verbally or in writing; on the contrary he always had kind and encouraging words for her until eventually becoming exasperated – and even then he only complained about her conduct privately. On the day of the Shepperton meeting, a ‘Sophie’ is registered on the twitter account of the left-wing hate-group, ‘Hope not Hate’ as contacting them with information relating to the Shepperton conference.

Questions: Was it Sophie Johnson, or somebody in the name of Sophie Johnson who betrayed our Shepperton event? And why in all this time, has Ms. Chabloz never condemned this sabotage of Prof. Faurisson’s final appearance? And why has Ms. Chabloz never rebuked and corrected “Sophie Johnson” (if that be the correct name) for insulting the greatest Revisionist hero of our time, as “an old fool”? And why did Ms. Chabloz not dissociate herself at the time from a person having made such a disgusting comment?

Finally one has to say: by the balance of probabilities it is the person calling herself “Sophie Johnson” who sabotaged our meeting and betrayed it to the enemy; and did so to please the individual, whom Sophie Johnson describes as the “unrivalled queen of English revisionism, the brilliant, richly talented, charming Alison Chabloz”. By the balance of probabilities, one is forced to the conclusion that Alison Chabloz, motivated by spite, arranged for the meeting from which she was excluded to be sabotaged.

By this disgraceful act, Ms. Chabloz damns herself as a traitor and saboteur. We are aware of the fact that several good nationalists have passed information to Ms. Chabloz which she has later misused – indeed we know precisely who informed her and when about the Shepperton event, enabling her sabotage – but we have no doubt that these folk were simply acting naively and in good faith. However from this point on, those who collaborate with Ms. Chabloz will be regarded as giving aid to an enemy informant.

The above statement is issued by Richard Edmonds, Lady Renouf, and Peter Rushton, with the approval of Guillaume Nichols

lundi 14 août 2017 12:00

Message à la Police, avertissement aux Juifs, défi à une ancienne déportée


Ginette Kolinka, acceptera-t-elle le défi? / Ginette Kolinka, will she accept the challenge?

Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

La retranscription est disponible: / Transcript is available:

Vincent Reynouard - Message to the Police, Warning to the Jews, challenge to a former deportee

Message à la Police, avertissement aux Juifs, défi à une ancienne déportée
Convoqué par la Police judiciaire française dans le cadre de nouvelles poursuites intentées pour "contestation de crime contre l’humanité", Vincent Reynouard explique pourquoi il ne s’y rendra pas : il ne reconnaît nul autorité à l’État shoatique français. Puis il avertit les Juifs : leur refus obstiné du débat loyal et face-à-face, avec les révisionnistes risque à terme de se retourner gravement contre eux. Enfin, il appelle au débat une ancienne déportée qui se félicite que les "négationnistes" soient muselés.

Plan de l'exposé :
Épisode 1 :
1°) Je ne reconnais aucune autorité à l’État shoatique français
- Je réprouve les méthodes terroristes des "Résistants"
- Je ne me jetterai pas dans la gueule du loup
- La Justice doit rester hors des querelles historiques
- La bonne nouvelle révisionniste que nos sociétés rejettent
- Les Juifs ont tiré un immense parti de l’ "Holocauste"

Épisode 2 :
2°) Avertissement aux Juifs
- Les conséquences prévisibles d’un refus du débat loyal, face-à-face
- Les enseignements d’une épouse de rabbin
3°) Mon défi à l’ancienne déportée Ginette Kolinka

Message to the Police, Warning to the Jews, challenge to a former deportee
Vincent Reynouard, who was summoned by the French judicial police in the context of new prosecutions for "crime against humanity", explains why he will not go there: he does not recognize any authority in the French Shoatic State. Then he warned the Jews: their obstinate refusal of loyal and face-to-face debate, with the revisionists risk eventually to turn badly against them. Finally, he called to the debate a former deportee who welcomed the muzzling of the "deniers".

Presentation plan:
Episode 1:
1) I do not recognize any authority in the French Shoatic State
- I condemn the terrorist methods of the "Resistance"
- I will not throw myself in the mouth of the wolf
- Justice must stay out of historical quarrels
- The good news revisionist that our societies reject
- The Jews have taken an immense part of the "Holocaust"

Episode 2:
2 °) Warning to the Jews
- The foreseeable consequences of refusing a fair, face-to-face debate
- The teachings of a rabbi's wife
3 °) My challenge to the former deportee Ginette Kolinka

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jeudi 10 août 2017 12:00

Un héros du révisionnisme : le combat d'Ernst Zündel


Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

La retranscription est disponible: / Transcript is available:

Vincent Reynouard - A hero of revisionism, the struggle of Ernst Zundel

Un héros du révisionnisme : le combat d'Ernst Zündel
Dans cette vidéo en deux parties, Vincent Reynouard rend hommage à Ernst Zündel, décédé le 5 août.
Après avoir résumé brièvement sa vie, il raconte sa carrière révisionniste commencée en 1978 avec un protestation publique contre la diffusion de la série "Holocauste". Puis il évoque ses deux procès, celui de 1985 et, surtout, le "grand procès de l’Holocauste" en 1988 avec le témoignage du professeur Faurisson et l’entrée en scène de Fred Leuchter. Enfin, il dit en quoi le combat d’Ernst Zündel, qui lui a valu des attentats et la prison, a permis l’essor inexorable du révisionnisme

Plan de l'exposé :

Épisode 1 :
1°) Un révisionniste engagé et persécuté
2°) Un premier procès dévastateur pour la thèse de l’ "Holocauste"
- Imposture de deux principaux témoins des "chambres à gaz"
- L’éternelle tactique des menteurs démasqués

Épisode 2 :
- Incompétence de l’expert n° 1 de l’ "Holocauste"
- Nos trois compères se débinent comme des péteux
3°) 1988 : Ernst Zündel obtient le "grand procès de l’Holocauste"
- Témoins et experts se suivent à la barre pour ébranler la thèse officielle
- L’exposé du professeur Faurisson et l’entrée en scène de Fred Leuchter
4°) L’inexorable essor du révisionnisme

A hero of revisionism, the struggle of Ernst Zundel
In this two-part video, Vincent Reynouard pays tribute to Ernst Zündel, who died on 5 August 2017.
After briefly summarizing his life, he recounts his revisionist career that begun in 1978, with a public protest against the spread of the "Holocaust" series. He then referred to his two trials, that of 1985 and, above all, the "Great Holocaust Trial" in 1988 with Professor Faurisson's testimony and Fred Leuchter's appearance. Finally, he says how Ernst Zündel's struggle, which has earned him attacks and imprisonment, has allowed the inexorable rise of revisionism.

Presentation plan:

Episode 1:
1) A committed and persecuted revisionist
2) A first devastating trial for the thesis of the "Holocaust"
- Sham of two main witnesses of the "gas chambers"
- The eternal tactics of liars unmasked

Episode 2:
- Lack of competence of Holocaust expert No. 1
- Our three companions are falling apart like “old farts”
3) 1988: Ernst Zündel obtains the "Great Holocaust Trial"
- Witnesses and experts follow at the witness stand to undermine the official thesis
- Professor Faurisson's presentation and the appearance of Fred Leuchter
4) The inexorable rise of revisionism

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mardi 8 août 2017 12:00

Three documentaries by Hervé Ryssen

Sources :
Hervé Ryssen
Hervé Ryssen - Les livres


Conspiracy Theory for Dummies, Anti-Semitism and Conspiracy

Feel free to re-upload this video all over the Internet


Islam and the West, the Clash of civilization?

Feel free to re-upload this video all over the Internet


Judaism, world unification, world domination?

Feel free to re-upload this video all over the Internet


Hervé Ryssen - Cosmopolitan Intellectuals and their Planetary Hopes - Interview

Hervé Ryssen - Jewish Fanaticism - Presentation

Hervé Ryssen - Satan in Hollywood - Interview

Hervé Ryssen - The Eschatological War - Interview

Hervé Ryssen - The Jewish Mafia - Interview

Hervé Ryssen - The Religious Origins of Globalism - Interview

vendredi 16 juin 2017 12:00

Le Mondialisme contre les Nations: un éditorial prophétique de mai 1943


Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

La retranscription est disponible: / Transcript is available:

Vincent Reynouard - Globalization Against Nations: a Prophetic Editorial of 1943

Le Mondialisme contre les Nations: un éditorial prophétique de mai 1943 Le 25 mai 1943, dans un éditorial, Marcel Déat annonça quel serait le destin de la France en cas de victoire alliée. Prophétique, cet éditorial semble avoir été écrit hier. L’auteur avait tout prévu : la mise sous tutelle des nations, les normes supranationales, l’agriculture entravée, des pantins dociles au gouvernement et, surtout, le métissage biologique accompagné d’une disparition de la culture européenne. Finalement, on s’aperçoit que l’Histoire a donné raison aux vaincus…

Globalization Against Nations: A Prophetic Editorial of May 1943 On the 25th May 1943, in an editorial, Marcel Déat announced what would be the destiny of France in the event of an allied victory. Prophetic, this editorial seems to have been written yesterday. The author had foreseen everything: guardianship of nations, supranational norms, impeded agriculture, docile puppets to the government and, above all, biological intermingling accompanied by a disappearance of European culture. Finally, we realize that history has given reason to the vanquished ...

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samedi 20 mai 2017 12:00

Malgré la censure et la répression, je ne me tairai pas


"Un tas de six millions de cailloux destiné à rappeler les six millions de victimes du tragique Holocauste™." "A pile of six million pebbles meant to recall the six million victims of the tragic Holocaust™."

Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

La retranscription est disponible: / Transcript is available:

Vincent Reynouard - Despite censorship and repression I will not keep quiet

Malgré la censure et la répression, je ne me tairai pas !
La censure frappe la nouvelle chaîne Youtube de Vincent Reynouard. En Angleterre, un grand quotidien londonien parle de lui en soulignant qu'il est recherché en France et qu'il est actif sur le sol britannique.
Dans ce court édito, Vincent Reynouard répond: "Vous avez fait de moi un desperado... alors j'agis en desperado : peu m'importe l'avenir, je ne me tairai pas!"

Despite censorship and repression, I will not keep quiet!
Censorship strikes the new Vincent Reynouard's Youtube channel. In England, a major London newspaper talks about him pointing out that he is wanted in France and that he is active on British soil.
In this short editorial, Vincent Reynouard answers: "You have made me a desperado ... then I act in desperado: I do not care about the future, I will not be silent!"

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mercredi 26 avril 2017 12:00

La paranoïa juive


"Le plan juif d'extermination de l’humanité goy exposé."

Par / by Vincent Reynouard
Sans Concession

Les retranscriptions sont disponibles: / Transcripts are available:

Vincent Reynouard - Jewish paranoia
Vincent Reynouard - Jewish paranoia, my answer to a Jew

La paranoïa juive
La presse juive de Grande-Bretagne tire la sonnette d'alarme: d'après le rapport pour 2016, l'antisémitisme dans le pays a augmenté de 36%. Plus de 1300 "incidents" l'année dernière, dont 107 "agressions violentes"! Dans cette courte vidéo, Vincent Reynouard relativise les gros titres accrocheurs et rappelle aux Juifs leur responsabilité dans ce problème: tant que, pour des raisons religieuses ou d'origine religieuse, ils se prendront pour le "peuple élu", ils vivront dans la peur et le malheur...

Jewish paranoia
The Jewish press in Britain is sounding the alarm: according to the report for 2016, anti-Semitism in the country has increased by 36%. More than 1300 "incidents" last year, of which 107 "violent attacks"! In this short video, Vincent Reynouard relativizes the catchy headlines and reminds the Jews of their responsibility in this problem: as long as, for religious reasons or of religious origin, they will think that they are the "chosen people", they will live in fear and misfortune...

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Paranoïa juive, réponse à un Juif
Un Juif accuse Vincent Reynouard de susciter l'antisémitime et lui promet la prison... Dans cette vidéo, Reynouard lui explique pourquoi crier toujours à "l'antisémitisme" (ce qui reste la stratégie du menteur démasqué) risque de mener le peuple juif à l'abîme... (La vidéo en français se trouve ici)

Jewish paranoia, my answer to a Jew
By way of an anonymus email, a Jewish viewer accuses Vincent Reynouard of provoking anti-Semitism and promises him prison ... In this video, Reynouard explains why always crying "anti-Semitism" (which remains the principal strategy of the liar unmasked) risks leading the Jewish people into the abyss...

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